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The LandLogic Model℠

A 3-hour professional development training designed primarily for licensed behavioral health and medical providers serving the agricultural population.

Learning Objectives: 1. Define key terms such as cultural adaptations of evidence-based practices, agrarian imperative, and ecological validity as it relates to agricultural-based clients. 2. Discuss the impact of the agrarian imperative as a cultural consideration when building therapeutic alliance in a clinical setting with agricultural-based clients. 3. Demonstrate evidence-based clinical skills and techniques that are for use in clients with an agricultural background utilizing The LandLogic Model℠. 4. Understand how The LandLogic Model℠ could be utilized in a behavioral health integration model.

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Continuing Education Credits Offered
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"I am so glad this has been created.  I have worked with numerous ranchers/farmers and these tools would have helped a lot!"
"There is so much rich and unique material to share in this new genre of training."
"Anyone with an understanding of CBT should easily be able to adapt their knowledge to this intervention."
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